A great time for no excuses…

September is here and we are all coming out of hibernation, shedding our boots, fleece-lined coats and scarves for something a little lighter, creating a ‘spring in our step’ (well that does depend on the weather as it has been rather changeable lately).

In the light of this new found energy comes a sense of new beginnings, a time to address the old thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your life that you need to let go in order to move forward – an emotional spring-clean if you like.

This season is about making the decision to put yourself first…. Spring cleaning is about personal satisfaction, and a perfect time to refresh.  Cutting out the winter stodges (physically and mentally) together with planning – yes, we’ve heard it all before, your daily exercise routine – how ever small,  there really is nothing like getting the blood pumping through your veins and feeling invigorated.

Look around and ask yourself if your personal, home or workspace inspires you or whether it depresses you? If it’s the latter then replace that stagnant thought and items that bring you down with those positive items or thoughts that pick you up.  Design personal spaces that inspire you!  Set yourself manageable daily goals and take the first step in achieving them.

For me, this winter has been a time of great reflection. Looking at what has been working well and the parts that are not working as I would like and what I would like to change. So changes are on the way as I set new goals and plans.

As a part of that process I have a professional organizer coming in to assist me to de-clutter my office and home so I am looking forward to spring cleaning my other world as I am also doing a spring clean of my inner world.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today”. ~ Karen Lamb

If you would like some inspiration and strategies to declutter and set new goals call me for a coaching session or join in our next Group Coaching/Mentoring Program starting in October.