As I am about to embark on an adventure and a test of my own mental and physical resilience, I am feeling a mixture of great excitement and a little reluctance – a bit like pre wedding jitters – knowing its going to be an amazing event mixed in with a fear of the unknown.

In preparation for the Camino it was suggested that you engage in training on 3 levels – train the body to prepare for the physical endurance, prepare mentally –to let go of the busyness of everyday life and prepare spiritually to allow the mind to be quiet and accepting as we will have at least 6 hours each day walking and contemplating.

In this training I am learning the importance of “slowing down”. Coming from a busy and hurried world how do you just stop and start to live at a slower pace?

Well this is about to be my opportunity in a few days and I yet don’t know how I will respond to this opportunity. Will I drive myself crazy as I walk every day – 800km of being with my own thoughts? There will be no “to do lists”, “have to’s” no domestic chores (except for washing clothes each night!). Ahhh what will I think about?

What is this self-imposed pressure to keep moving faster, to hurry and push ourselves to overachieve and feel guilty if we take time out for ourselves to rest or stop to smell the roses.
Staying busy allows us to disguise our physical and emotional pain that can be felt when we slow down and have stillness.

I’ve realised that as I have been preparing for this exciting experience it is the perfect way to prepare for a more relaxed, peaceful and successful life.

I thought I would share with you my training schedule that each one of us would get positive results if we were to apply it to our weekly routine:

  • Physically – exercising every day, alternating between walking and cardio and weights at the gym to build strength(except Sunday – that’s my day off to relax, chill out, family time.)
  • Mentally – challenging my expectations, learning to become less attached to outcomes or what I think should or shouldn’t happen.
    -Being more adaptable by breaking the patterns and habits in everyday life and choosing to do things differently.
  • Spiritually – increasing my daily meditation to 20 minutes.
    – Letting go of judgements
    – Live in the now and let go of the past and future and focus on what is happening in the present moment.
    – Enjoy regular solitude and quiet time .

This focus has been so beneficial to both my personal and business life and has resulted in feeling more relaxed, less reactive to situations and people and less attached to outcomes. And I have noticed that being “busy” is a choice, so I am choosing to do things differently so I am not feeling or thinking ”busy”!

I will be back at the beginning of June and look forward to sharing personal insights and wisdoms as I walk this path with many others from diverse cultures and life’s experiences.
If you would like to follow my journey I will be capturing photos of the beautiful Spanish scenery along with my insights.

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