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Do you know that every month 55,600,000 people do a broad search of the term ‘How to be happy’. That’s incredible! Of that global total, 1,500,000 are searches from Australia. I find that both amazing and a bit sad. Are so many people that unhappy they make a point to find out how to rectify it? (I don’t think 55million people would just be doing keyword research)

This brings me to a quote I was again reminded of recently by Wayne Dyer:

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

At first glance that probably sounds a bit confusing. The general reaction is ‘Huh?’. But it’s actually quite simple. Happiness is all about BE-ing; it’s a choice to BE happy. Think about the following:

– what does ‘happy’ look like?

– what does ‘happy’ sound like?

– what does ‘happy’ feel like

– what does ‘happy’ think like?

– what does ‘happy’ act like?

For me, happy ‘looks’ like smiles, head held high, relaxed and confident posture. Happy ‘sounds’ like bright energetic language, only positive things to say about others, always looking for the good in every situation and putting a positive spin on anything negative. Happy ‘feels’ like a quite contentment, inner knowing and gratitude that can fill my entire body. Happy ‘thinks’ only positive thoughts about myself, belief in my ability, gratitude and trust. And, happy ‘acts’ with good intention always, doing good deeds for others and always with high integrity.

What does happy look, sound, feel, ‘think’ and act like to you? You could BE happy right now!

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