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Imagine you were living the life of your dreams…………

you bounce out of bed every day full of energy and enthusiasm, eager to go to work knowing that you were going to the ideal work environment. Your relationships and personal life is feeling fulfilled. Your health and fitness is on track. Life is fun and feeling balanced.

So what is key to creating this lifestyle…………Life Balance.

The quickest way to a calmer, nicer and better you, is finding the right mix between your work, social and personal life. When we get out of balance we find stress begins to increase and have a negative affect in all areas of our life.

Studies reveal stress at work leads to a loss of productivity, an increase in absenteeism and a lack of motivation, while also contributing to serious health issues like heart disease, obesity, hypertension, anxiety, depression and burnout.

So what can we do about this…………

Stress is a natural part of our lives. But how much stress is self inflicted and do we really know what is creating our stress? When you learn how to become resilient and bounce back from challenges of life, it impacts in a positive way on your business and working environment, your relationships and your health and wellbeing.

There is solid evidence that the thoughts we think, and the emotions we feel, affect our bodies and our physical health. We now know that the immune system is strengthened by happy, positive feelings of being in control and weakened by chronic anxiety, depression and feelings of helplessness.

The quickest way to improve your immune system is to achieve lifestyle balance and adopt the fundamentals of healthy living. This will give your immune system what it needs to function at optimal capacity.

Tips to maintain life balance and wellbeing:

  • Time out for yourself –

    As much as your work and family takes priority in your life, it’s important that you schedule “me time”. Taking just one hour, once a week to do something for yourself can do wonders for your wellbeing — and your relationships and career will benefit too.

  • Look after your health-

    Stress is one of the biggest causes of poor health so your health should be a priority. If you’re not in top shape both mentally and physically, it will affect all areas of your life. Get enough sleep, eat regularly and choose healthy options, take time out for relaxation and exercise at least three times / week.

  • Consciously create balance –

    do a monthly life balance self assessment to ensure you are meeting your needs in all areas of your life.

  • Manage Your Time –

    Plan your days and prioritize your time to ensure you are setting time aside for your exercise, family time,” me time”- if it’s not in your diary and have planned for it, it may not happen.

Enjoy a balanced life….

Live Fully, Be Empowered, Transformed, Healthy & Relaxed