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After working with Julie over the last few months I now see there is merit to the techniques and knowledge of an experienced life coach and Julie has really helped me in more ways than one. My relationships have improved; I have a more positive outlook and really see the opportunities come to me. Previously my self confidence and value was low and I honestly believed that people wouldn’t want to work with me and that I was losing my grip on keeping a happy home. I now value myself as a wife, mother, friend and business owner and see the value that I have to offer to others in all areas of my life. The business opportunities that have opened up for me have been amazing. Simply by having the value of self in all areas attracts more positive people to you and people see that I am who they would prefer to work with and spend time with. This value is also picked up by my husband and teenage son and they have seen the changes that I have made and value me more for trying to improve myself.
Thank you Julie, you really have assisted me in retraining my thinking and programming the ‘computer on my shoulders’! I am now the captain instructing the crew on the exact course I wish my life to take! I cannot thank you enough.

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