Imagine having less stress and more peace and happiness

Have you ever noticed when two people in identical, high-stress situations, that one of them gets stressed out and the other one handles the situation with ease and grace?

It’s because of the different ways they internalize what’s going on.  Stress doesn’t exist in the outside world; it just exists inside your head.  It’s up to you which way you choose to perceive it.

Stress is an internal phenomenon.

And remember – stress is not good or bad.  It just IS.  We need a certain amount of stress to motivate us but we need to understand ourselves to know when “too much” is having an adverse effect on our mind and body.

Your reaction to stress can become a habit.  So, as the famous quote by Socrates, “Know thyself”, it is important to become aware of how you respond and react to situations and people so you can make positive changes.

The good news is you can change your habits.

So take charge and be your own boss – make a conscious choice to be happy, relaxed and stay positive by using these five strategies:(I guarantee that if you use them every day, they will make a massive positive difference in your life).

  1. Use the power of your choice – you have the ability to make choices.  Once you realize that you have a choice between being stressed or staying calm and relaxed, you can then create healthy new habits and alternatives to stress.
  2. Choose to create a new meaning about the person or event – your mind labels everything that happens to you, to reduce worry or stress, choose to make up a more positive meaning about the event or person.
  3. Understand what you can and cannot control. Once you accept the fact that you can’t control an event or person, you can take action to change yourself and your thoughts about the situation.
  4. See other viewpoints – imagine the situation if you were standing in the other persons’ shoes, how might you feel?
  5. Learn to let go. Perhaps the hardest of all skills.  One easy way to let go is to take a look around, observe someone else experiencing distress, step out of your world and step into theirs, and then help them.  It is amazing how much better you will feel.

Have a positive and productive week.

A Quick tip to De-Stress


Here is a quick tip to keep stress levels down and feeling energized everyday.

Have a great week!


Less Stress, More Success

Having just returned from our Bali Women’s Retreat, I was reminded how easily our stress can sneak up on us with the constant demands of our busy life, and how rewarding it is to take time out to relax and rejuvenate and recharge the batteries.

We all experience stress from time to time. However when stress gets to be too much, it can take its toll on our and health and happiness, so having effective strategies to reduce stress levels are essential in restoring our inner peace, health and wellbeing.

Start today to create daily healthy habits and notice how more relaxed you feel. Here’s a few tips to start you on your way…

  1. Exercise –is a powerful way to reduce stress and can provide an effective release of negative emotions and also decrease ‘stress hormones’ like cortisol and increase endorphins, your body’s ‘feel-good’ chemicals, giving your mood a natural boost.
  2. Eat to stay on top – stress also wears down the immune system, which is why we get sick during challenging times. To counteract this, eat a healthy balanced diet to boost your immune system.
  3. Time for you – everyone needs time to relax and recover from the stresses of the day, so schedule time to do the things you love to do and that make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
  4. Simplify your life – simplifying life is a great way to reduce stress, cut out extra commitments that don’t serve you, change relationships that stress you, and change activities that you don’t enjoy. Take stock of what you do in your life that is creating pressure and things that you don’t enjoy and make the necessary changes.
  5. Get organized – being organized is the best way of creating extra time in your life and cutting down stress. Prioritise activities and responsibilities, ensuring you schedule in time for the most important things in your life i.e. family time, you time, exercise etc.

Enjoy creating a stress free week…

Living a life on Purpose

My purpose here is to inspire and motivate you to live a life on purpose and with conscious choice. I will also be sharing tips on leading a life in balance and give you some tools and strategies to create personal mastery and success in your life.

To get started, have you thought about what you want to create this year – do you want it to be different from last year, what else would you like to create…?  If you haven’t thought about this, written it down and are very clear on what you do want to create, there is a good chance you will just get a repeat of last year.

As an individual, when was the last time you sat down and wrote your vision for your life? Do you know what is your life purpose and what brings meaning to your life?

If you are a business owner or a leader in an organisation, when was the last time you felt you were in control and driving forward with passion and enthusiasm and getting the results for yourself and your team.

It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to take time out to recharge your batteries and check in if you are on course or are you just attending to the urgent demands in your personal and business life.

Make a conscious choice now, to schedule in your diary, timeout on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  I am flying out tomorrow morning to go to our women’s retreat in Bali which is all about taking time out to relax, rejuvenate and recharge our batteries and have time for self reflection on where we are at now and where we would like to be.(Visit –  This is something we do twice a year to give women this opportunity.

However, even though I think it’s important to go on a yearly retreat, it is