imageOn to our ext adventure – we left Lake Como and took a train into Switzerland across the top of snow capped alps and through the most stunning countryside. We stayed in Guarda, a quaint village high on the side of a mountain with an energetic and fun couple, Martin & Helena. Our 3 days in Guarda we spent enjoying day hikes through the mountains. On our last day we left Guarda and hiked across beautiful green fields covered with small white flowers, high on the mountain side and walked through a tiny medieval village, Bos Cha and then headed off higher into the mountains along a ” goat track” all of 12 inches wide but through forests, steep green mountain sides and even trekked through soft snow.
As we climbed yet another steep ascent and I was complaining that I needed to be fitter for this mountain climbing business, we came across a Swiss couple who were also hiking and looked to be at least in their 70’s, as they followed us up the steep incline I decided to stop complaining as I was at least 20 years younger – time to “Toughen up Princess”!! Until I was challenged by someone around me I then changed my mindset as to what was possible and what was easy for me. It reminded me in life how easy it is to stay in your comfort zone and not push past barriers in our mind for what is possible!
Until next time,
Auf Wiedersehen

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