As 2014 is coming to an end, it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months and celebrate your successes and review what you have learnt and consider what improvements you would like to make as you plan for a positive and successful 2015.

It is very easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and race into the new year and just continue doing what you’ve always done; this is fine if you are feeling happy and satisfied however if you are feeling frustrated, stressed or just not sure where you are going then this is a great opportunity to stop, relax and check in where you are at and make some adjustments.

It has been a full and exciting year for me and amongst my challenges and joys in 2014 I will share with you a few of my learning’s:

  1. Every day we choose our attitudes and therefore our outcomes so make a choice every day to choose a positive and happy attitude(even when we are feeling challenged).
  2. Be clear on what’s important to you. Know what your priorities are and what’s most important in your life so you can plan activities and have time to do the things that matter most.
  3. Take time out for planning and reflection. When I got busy and didn’t make time for reflection and planning, I became busier and found myself getting off track. Reflection time allows us to stay on track and maintain a balance and feel happy and content.
  4. Keep your life in balance-(whatever creates balance for you) I find this works best when I regularly have time to stop and reflect and look at areas of my life that I have been neglecting and set goals to change that.
  5. Remember to have fun – sometimes when life gets so hectic we need to schedule in time to fun activities, it reduces stress and allows us to remember what life is really all about.
  6. Be grateful- every day I affirm what I am grateful for my life and it really does bring things into perspective and allows me to appreciate who I am and what I have in my life.

Thank you for your support and interest over the last 12 months. If you feel you need some support, guidance, strategies or inspiration to get back on track and bring more bounce into your life and business do give me a call.

Have a happy, safe and relaxing Christmas and enjoy some time out to reflect and plan for a fun and successful 2015.

Live Fully, Be Empowered, Transformed, Healthy & Relaxed