Are you feeling stuck?

Do you feel like life is out of control and your not sure what to do to change this?

These coaching sessions give you an opportunity to get “unstuck” and take back control of your life. This process allows you to reflect and become clear about what it is that you really want and what’s important to you .

Here’s what Your Vibrant Life Coaching offers you:

  • I will help you discover what’s most important to you in your life.
  • We will design a plan to achieve those things.
  • We will work together to eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in your way.
  • We will have strategies to create a positive mindset.
  • We will celebrate your achievements.

Imagine yourself being vibrant and your absolute best.
You feel great, You are happy, You enjoy your work,
You have satisfying relationships.
You love your life.
What strategies would you need to achieve this?


Receive a free 30-minute introductory coaching session and find out if this is just the support and guidance you are looking for.

To get the most out of this session, I will send you a link to download Your Vibrant Life Questionnaire and we can discuss your goals and areas where you want to make positive change.

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Not sure which coaching package is right for you, call me to chat about your specific needs – Julie – 0412 754 179

The coaching was a great experience.
I found lots of support and encouragement to pursue all my goals to completion.
Julie is a great inspiration and provides lots of techniques that really work to create a change to your life!

— Alba


All of the programs are tailored to suit your needs.
I am flexible in how we work together, the coaching sessions can be via a skype call or in person, or a mix of both.
The time frame indicated below is a guide and what we find is most effective however this can be adjusted to suit your schedule and needs.

De-clutter your Mind 2 week Program

  • Free 30 minute Discovery session call
  • 2 x coaching sessions (60 minutes each)
  • $310

Are tired of the constant negative chatter going around in your head every day?
Are you sick and tired of worrying about stuff going on in your life with no control over your thoughts?

In these sessions we focus on how to create new habits in thinking and rewiring new neural pathways that will automatically begin to change the way you think and respond to your thoughts.

Take Charge & Bounce Back Now: 8 week Signature Program

  • Free 30 minute Discovery session call
  • Your Vibrant Life Questionnaire & review
  • 8 x coaching sessions (60 minutes each)
  • $1160 (or part payments – $387 x 3)

This program provides an instant boost to your confidence and outlook on life as you focus on taking back control of your life and learning strategies for a positive mindset.

Prior to Week One:

You’ll complete a questionnaire to capture where you’re at and what your stresses are at the moment, what you value and your goals for the future.
This gives me a big picture on your current situation and what’s important to you.

Week One: “What do I want?” Discovery session.

Where are you at now? What are you current beliefs and blocks and challenges? What’s not working for you? What are you frustrated by? And where would you like to be?

Week Two: “Letting go of stress”

What’s specifically creating your stress and overwhelm at the moment? During this session, you’ll learn simple strategies you can use when you find yourself in these stressful situations. This will help you to feel supported and you’ll know how to bring yourself back to a place of peace and calm.

Week Three: “Why do I feel so lost?”

We will focus on setting your personal vision and uncovering your purpose. During this session you’ll identify your “lighthouse” a guiding light on the horizon to help you get clear on what’s important to you and what you want to move towards. By crystalising this vision you’ll have the ability to stay the course in the weeks ahead, even if you hit some stormy seas.

Week Four: “What’s important to me?”

During this session, you’ll get clear on your values; the things that drive your behaviour and decisions every day.
This will help you make choices in alignment with what’s meaningful and important to you. By doing this you’ll start to feel less overwhelmed by decisions and will start to make choices that support you.

Week Five: What’s holding me back?

By this time you will have had four weeks to notice what’s working for you and where you’re getting stuck. During this session you’ll identify beliefs and habits, both those that are positive and those that aren’t supporting you.
You’ll learn a unique technique to identify and shift the belief patterns you currently hold. This technique can then be applied outside the session, anytime you notice you’re thinking in a way that doesn’t serve you.  

Week Six: “What do my thoughts make me feel bad?”

Change your thinking, change your world.
During this session, you’ll learn more about how the brain works and how your thoughts create your experience of life.
You’ll reflect on how you currently think about yourself, other people, relationships, your career, ultimately the world around you. You’ll then learn techniques to catch yourself when you’re in a “thinking habit” and to assess whether this thought is true or helpful. Once you master this technique you’ll be able to respond more effectively and positively to the challenges of daily life.
After this session clients have said:  “I see my world so differently now, I realise my thoughts create my experience of life.”

Week Seven: “There’s never enough time.”

Often in life we are overwhelmed as we take on a lot, give to others before looking after ourselves and lose touch with what supports us. During this session you’ll learn how to prioritise the things that are important to you and what you value. You’ll learn techniques to gracefully say no to things that don’t support you, plus you’ll design and plan an ideal week, which includes time out for yourself.

Week Eight:

“Making it happen” You’ll reflect on everything you’ve learned and set a clear plan for the future, so you feel confident in achieving your vibrant life. After this session, if you’d like to choose other aspects to focus on or to continue learning techniques, you’re very welcome to book in for follow up sessions.

Personal Empowerment Program: 5 month Program

  • Free 30 minute Discovery session call
  • Your Vibrant Life Questionnaire & review
  • 12 x coaching sessions (60 minutes each)
  • Free email support during the program
  • $1,840 (Part payments are available)

The Personal Empowerment program provides an instant boost to your confidence and outlook on life as you focus on taking back control of your life and learning strategies for a positive mindset.
We then continue to go further into identifying your old patterns that are keeping you stuck and changing these patterns and building on strategies for self empowerment.

Life Design Program: 12 month Program

Your Life Design Program is just that – its about designing your life that has meaning and purpose, its about creating a vision in your life and creating goals that will take you on that journey.
The program starts with the foundations of the Personal Empowerment program and then we focus on creating a personal vision and purpose and putting that into action.

This program is only for a select number of clients who are committed to making significant positive changes in their life.

Before I started the coaching sessions with Julie I was feeling lost, not sure of what I wanted to achieve or do in my life. Through seeing Julie I have learned to be more aware of my thoughts, language, the power of affirmations and how these tools can influence my emotions and my ability to achieve my goals. I’m able to be positive and get tedious tasks done where I once used to procrastinate and have constant dread. The coaching sessions have been so motivating and are lessons that I can use forever throughout my life, professionally and personally.

— Carmen

Live Fully, Be Empowered, Transformed, Healthy & Relaxed